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David Rosenberger

Testimonial #1
“I have known David for seven years, and have had the pleasure of coming to know him as a true expert in real estate - first by hearing amazing things from clients I referred to him, and later by leaning on his expertise myself. David is a hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable and likeable professional, and you would be well served to call him if you're considering any real estate transaction in the city of New York.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Paul Wilson,
hired David as a Real Estate Agent in 2008

Testimonial #2
“David took a listing for a smallish, run of the mill coop apartment for one of our clients, got it a full color feature spread and negotiated a deal above asking in a terrible market. David is terrifically personable, highly knowledgeable about NY real estate and willing to go that extra mile for a client. He loves helping people find their next home or sell the one they're in. If I ever move back to NYC (or decide to invest in residential real estate in the Big Apple), will hire David to help me find a great home.” November 29, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Ian W. MacLean,
hired David as a Real Estate Agent in 2007

Testimonial #3
 “David handled the sale of our NY condo in 2006, when the market was soft and our patience was wearing thin, as our prior realtor had been a bust. He worked smartly to effectively position and market the property to the right target prospect. His persistence and professionalism paid off, as we had multiple bidders and ended up with a very a good selling price. His knowledge, personality and approach make him one of the best in the business.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Frank Hone,
hired David as a Real Estate Agent in 2006

Damon Kinard

One year ago when we were relocating from CT to NYC, we began our search for an apartment with the help of Damon. Apartment searching in the city can be tedious and tiring, and we were thankful for his assistance during this period of time. We came for an overnight, hoping to locate an apartment to move into within the next 30 days. Damon was extremely patient and kind as we schlepped all around the city with two of our four children in tow looking at different apartments. We had no idea where we wanted to be so he took us around to different locations indulging us, as we considered all the options. The next morning, we were meeting some friends for brunch and Damon sent word about an open house he had heard about encouraging us to check it out before we left town. Arriving 15 minutes before the open house closed, we found the PERFECT apartment. Newly renovated, near the subway, near the park, and in an excellent school district and we could not be happier. I knew it was too much to ask and I was trying not to be unrealistic when I told Damon all the things we would love in an apartment. However, he managed to find an apartment that met all of our specifications and more. We love our apartment in Park Slope and after a year we can’t imagine ever leaving this great city! I hope you’ll consider using Damon as your broker. He was attentive to our wants and needs, very prompt when returning texts, emails, and phone calls, and was truly excited for us as we found our new home.

I wish to thank Damon Kinard for helping me sell my East Village apartment. Damon has been an advocate, friend, proxy, and guide throughout the process. He is tireless, he is knowledgeable, and he is patient. Perhaps most importantly, Damon is practical. When issues arose, as they invariably do in New York real estate, Damon calmly and sensibly evaluated the situation and navigated to an amiable solution. I was thrilled to have Damon on my side as my sales agent. The co-op apartment we sold had been my home for many years, and after leaving I had rented it for a year. We needed to navigate the renters, deal with the board, and make the apartment presentable. My goal was to get a good price at quick pace, and with a buyer who would easily pass co-op board approval. Damon succeeded on all counts! I only wish I had more real estate to sell, so we could do it again!

Best regards,

I had the fortune of working with Damon when I decided to purchase my first apartment in Manhattan. After meeting him during an apartment showing, I quickly began to seek his guidance throughout my search process. Damon is the most thoughtful agent I have ever met; he went above and beyond expectations to provide me with the information needed to understand the real estate market and to make smart decisions about this important purchase. Damon was able to juggle many clients while also making me feel that I had his undivided attention. Damon worked around my erratic schedule to make any appointment work for me, and was able to get me access quickly to any apartment of interest. Even during a time where there was very little available on the market, Damon kept my hopes up and helped me work through all of the challenges I was facing. I am confident that I would not have found the perfect home had it not been for Damon's support and guidance.

- Rebecca Leibowitz, Senior Program Manager, Non-Profit Foundation



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